About Us


  • To present the gospel of Jesus Christ and help people to become the children of God.
  • To plant 25 churches where there is neither a church nor a pastor and to support the discipleship of new believers.
  • To start a training center to train local leaders as pastors and evangelists.
  • To construct Homes for Children and Widows and their care.
  • To buy a Gospel Outreach Vehicle.
  • To have a powerful Prayer Tower where our widows can pray for the whole world.


  • Preach the gospel by using literature, films and videos.
  • Follow up the contacts to enable them to become children of God.
  • Teach them the world of God and to lead them to maturity.
  • Reach the unreached villages by planting churches.
  • Train believers to become Pastors, and leaders of the churches in their own communities.
  • Help the Orphan Children by giving them Food & Education.